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Our Story

Our Story

We listen to our clients to understand your marketing needs and objectives. With this approach, we offer Chief Content Officer (CCO) services of marketing services, content creation /management and collateral production to meet the desired goals. We assist in measuring success for our clients through mutually agreed upon criteria used to determine if objectives met and refine plans.

We will offer companies a unique perspective regarding content marketing strategy and services. Rich Sowa, President, has a unique background, with the ability to think strategically, conceptually, and creatively while acting tactically. He has a wealth of real world experience working with businesses ranging from family-owned entities all the way up to complex multi- billion dollar organizations. This experience allows Marketing of Things, LLC to offer an executive level, decision-maker focus, coupled with a practical, quantitative mindset to all opportunities. This unique combination of experience, knowledge and skills brings an unparalleled advantage to all your endeavors.