Traditional Marketing – It’s Still Here

traditional marketing

In our last post, we provided you with a brief rundown on digital marketing. Well, that covers one side of your marketing coin. The other side of this coin is traditional marketing. While not the “hot” marketing topic, as many believe all you need is digital, remember that viable traditional marketing options may be what you need. Before you sweep this option under the rug, let’s review some details behind this option.

Traditional marketing is promotion of products or services using tangible advertising collateral to reach customers. When referring to “tangible” the takeaway is that this impacts the senses of touch (i.e. direct mail), site (i.e. TV) or hearing (i.e. radio). Here is a list of some of options available to you:

  • Branded Wear
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Business Directory
  • Catalogs
  • Content Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Door Hangers
  • Fliers
  • Letters
  • Magazine Ads
  • Movie Ads
  • Newspaper
  • Post Cards
  • Radio Ads
  • Signature
  • Telemarketing
  • TV Commercials

So how does someone know if they should participate in any of these options. Well there are a few that are required for any business. For example, Content Marketing is the foundation for ALL your marketing efforts. This affects your brand, message, images, etc. that needs to be consistently applied. Another is a Business Card. While not cutting-edge, this 2”x3” collateral is a staple for any communication tool box.

Other than a few examples, most traditional efforts are optional. The key to deciding whether to participate will depend on your situation. Your decision should be tied to your goals, budget, industry, customer, etc. For example, I worked for an organization that used direct mail and telemarketing to execute a home-based solicitation program. To positively impact solicitation goals, these traditional efforts are a requirement not an option for this organization.

Companies are still using traditional methods and channels for several reasons, but the most important reason is that they still work. (Source: G. David Dodd) These methods have stood the test of time and provide fairly predictive results when correctly applied. Here are some additional benefits to traditional marketing:

  • Create a following
  • Establish trust
  • Deliver information
  • Gain exposure
  • Compliment digital marketing
  • Tangible collateral
  • Increase conversion
  • Increase traffic
  • Shape a reputation

Remember, consistency to your audience is key. If traditional marketing is part of your overall marketing strategy, it is important to consistently communicate your message, along with digital marketing efforts, to be successful. An important point about traditional and digital marketing in today’s environment is that traditional marketing is mostly optional while digital marketing is a requirement for your business.

Hope you find this background on traditional marketing helpful. When debating on how to spend your marketing dollars, make sure you select the options required for your business. You may find that beyond digital marketing, traditional marketing may still play a vital role to your success.

Rich Sowa is a marketing strategist and a founder of Marketing of Things, a marketing agency specializing in strategy and services for your digital and traditional efforts.
LinkedIn: RichSowa & Marketing of Things Twitter: @MoTPros

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