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Why are blogs attractive and important to us?  Well they allow us to get educated and stay “in the know” with the latest options and trends.  With so many sources, opinions and topics, the best part is that you can choose to read and follow the options that best match your areas of interest.  Today, we are sharing 10 marketing blogs worth following due to their expertise and valuable tidbits for your marketing education, strategy and efforts.

  1. Content Marketing: Joe Pulizzi (@JoePulizzi)
  2. Joe Pulizzi is an expert in content marketing.  He “considers himself the poster boy for content marketing.”  He is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute.  He provide great information and education for your content.  Enjoy Joe’s Blog.

  3. Digital Marketing: Adobe Digital Marketing Blog (@Adobe)
  4. Adobe shares articles covering 10 digital marketing categories.  There are many contributors that help populate the blogs, both Adobe employees and industry experts.  With Adobe Creative Suite being an important tool in creating and producing your marketing efforts, it makes sense to follow.  Enjoy Adobe’s Blog.

  5. Social Media and Online Marketing: Tami Brehse (@TamiBrehse)
  6. Tami Brehse started her career in TV news and then moved into PR and marketing.  Today, she is COO for Reboot.Marketing.  She has a great style of taking various topics and breaking it down into understandable information and actions.  Enjoy Tami’s Blog.

  7. Social Media: Hootsuite (@hootsuite)
  8. Hootsuite provides plans/solutions to manage all your business’ social media marketing.  Their plans range from free to enterprise level.  Beyond these plans, they offer information on how businesses can better leverage social media.  Enjoy Hootsuite’s Blog.

  9. Advertising News: Business Insider (@businessinsider)
  10. Business Insider offers a collection of news topics that effect the business world.  You can choose from general business news topics to specific categories like Tech, Finance, Advertising, etc.  No surprise, we will share the advertising page for you.  Enjoy Business Insiders’ Blog.

  11. Marketing and Customer Service: Jay Baer (@jaybaer)
  12. Jay Baer is a marketing and customer service keynote speaker.  Also, he is “founder of Convince & Convert, a strategy consulting firm that helps prominent companies gain and keep more customers through the smart intersection of technology, social media, and customer service.”  He consistently is sharing information through his Twitter feed and blog/podcast pages.  Enjoy Jay’s Blog.

  13. Marketing and Sales: HubSpot (@HubSpot)
  14. Many know HubSpot as a solution provider for CRM, marketing and sales.  Well along with these tools, they provide a blog page that provides marketing and sales information within 2 neatly displayed columns, one for each category.  Enjoy HubSpot’s Blog.

  15. Marketing: Entrepreneur (@Entrepreneur)
  16. Entrepreneur provides articles on varying marketing topics.  While you may think that the information is geared towards startups only, the truth is the information provided has mass appeal for any business regardless of their stage.  The blog link we share is for their marketing page, but they do provide information on other business topics.  Enjoy Entrepreneur’s Blog.

  17. Marketing: Marketing Land (@Marketingland)
  18. Appropriately named, Marketing Land provides information on 13 marketing categories.  Categories include CMO, SEO, analytics, content marketing, video marketing and more.  You can enjoy all these categories or choose the one that fits your needs.  Enjoy Marketing Land’s Blog.

  19. Marketing: Marketing of Things (@MoTPros)
  20. Last but not least…MoT provides 1-2 marketing entries per month.  The goal is to provide SMBs foundational marketing information and direction on a variety of marketing topics.  Enjoy our Blog.

Many more viable and valuable options exist beyond these 10.  The good news is that you don’t need to stop at ten.  The 10 we shared provide the education and foundation you need on the topics effecting today’s marketing strategies and efforts.  Do you have marketing blogs you enjoy?  If so, please share and let us know why.

Rich Sowa is a marketing strategist and a founder of Marketing of Things, a marketing organization specializing in strategy and services for your digital and traditional efforts.
LinkedIn: RichSowa & Marketing of Things
Twitter: @MoTPros

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