Don’t Strive to be Perfect – It’s Time for Action

Don’t Strive to be Perfect – It’s Time for Action

As we are about to put a bow on 2016, here is a simple lesson for 2017. The lesson is stop trying to be perfect and to commit yourself to action. In talking with many clients, there is a great desire for perfect plans and results. In attempting to be perfect, you must remember that this requires an great amount of your time. Each aspect of your plan would require countless reviews to see if it can be improved. So instead of delivering solutions to your clients, you are stuck in place trying to perfect the solution. I recommend rather than trying to be perfect, have the mindset of acting and letting your plans evolve over time.

Now this lesson is not uniquely mine but definitely one worth sharing. At a great business event I attended sponsored by Entrepreneur (@Entrepreneur) and Microsoft (@Microsoft), Accelerate Your Business (#accelerat

ebiz), Alexis Ohanian (@alexisohanian) eloquently shared this approach. He explained that trying to be perfect stops you from acting. He cited his own experiences, along with website examples of what Facebook, Twitter and his own Reddit looked like when they were initially launched. They were vastly different from the social media power houses you see and use today. Had any of these success stories waited for the perfect message and look, they would have never gotten off the ground.

Of course, I am not saying to fly by the seat of your pants and just run with your ideas. Quite the opposite. You still must research, prepare and organize your goals and strategies. The key is to have the confidence to know when you have a viable solution and then take it to market.

Do not have the mentality that your business is a classroom assignment with only one semester to create the perfect project for an “A.” Your goal is to create a business that is sustainable into the foreseeable future. Well, you have that amount of time to evolve your message and plans. This applies to start-ups and existing businesses alike.

When I started Marketing of Things, I took this approach to heart. I did perform the research to make sure my solution was viable in today’s market and I organized my message to get me started. This process lasted a quick 3 months and I said, “let’s launch this.”

An example would be our website ( I did not pour months into making sure each image, word, page, etc. was perfect. Instead, I made sure the site had the correct style (responsive and scrolling), the correct copy to represent the company correctly and the images that represent the brand well (i.e. logo, home page graphic, etc.). Within a couple of weeks, we had an online presence.

There are already plans for early 2017 to incorporate changes for this site. That’s the beauty of this approach, I didn’t waste my time trying to be perfect for the last 6 months. Instead, I have a business that is currently supporting clients and communicating with prospects. While engaging these companies, I have been working behind the scenes to enhance my brand. Think of it as being able to walk and chew gum at the same time. I am better off securing clients AND improving my brand at the same time than just spinning my wheels trying to create the perfect brand.

Why do I share this message? As shared earlier, when speaking with many companies, the underlining theme seems to be to develop the perfect, non-fail plan versus getting comfortable with the calculated risks needed to move a company forward. Without a change in mindset and approach, these organizations will paralyze themselves from acting…and maybe success.

As you think about your New Year resolutions, time for action may be the correct one for you and your success. Still do your homework, but know when it is the right moment to act. This not only can be a strong personal resolution, this can be very powerful if infused into your company’s culture.

On another note and with the Holidays upon us, this will be our final post for 2016. Thank you for your support to our “new” organization and reading our blogs. Hopefully each of you find a tidbit or two that helps you in your business.

Everyone have a wonderful end to 2016. We will catch up in early 2017. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Rich Sowa is a marketing strategist and a founder of Marketing of Things, a marketing agency specializing in strategy and services for brands and businesses.
LinkedIn: RichSowa & Marketing of Things
Twitter: @MoTPros

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